I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.  Every runner is different, which means each of us needs a plan that will bring out our best running self.  Some of us can only run 3 days a week, while others can run 6.  Some runner may need higher mileage to break through barriers, while others may get injured with more that a certain amount of miles per week.  Prone to injury?  Travel a lot? Kids, work, busy life?  All of these things require different focuses and ancillary training that fit your goals.  There is no one right way to train but I seek to find the way that works best for you.  My hope is that I can custom tailor a plan that works around your life and not change your life to work around your plan.




I believe the one thing that you will find that you will like most about me is my approach to ensuring you are getting the necessary attention you need to succeed.  Unlike some of the elite coaches, you will find that I am a lot like you.  I have not qualified to run the Boston Marathon, I have not won any races or awards.  My strengths are not in what I have done as a runner, but what I have learned as a coach and what I can share with you to help you succeed with your goals.  

My focus will always be, how can we make your plan work around your life.  What adjustments do we need to make to accommodate changes?  How do we prevent injuries, burnout, and setbacks?  What information do you need to assist you with your next accomplishments?

As an RRCA Certified Coach, you are guaranteed that you will be working with someone who is absolutly prepared to answer all your questions and help you to Run Your Goal Run and succeed.





This option is specific to one race goal.  You will be provided a training plan starting at a specified date leading up to the date of your race, which is custom to reaching a specified goal time or completing a goal distance.

$20/week (9-27 week plans)

Walk 2 Run

New runners or runners returning from injuries or long hiatuses, this is the plan for you. 9 weeks that will take you from zero to completing a 5K and beyond.

$69/session (9-week sessions Level I)

$99/session (9-week sessions Level II)


For those feel a constant need to be pushed, encouraged and have a persistent desire to improve or maintain your abilities, this is the right plan for you. 


In-Person Sessions

If you want to work on form, pacing, or even motivation, a one-on-one session to help boost your training is always available (2 day advanced scheduling is required).

$35/session (1 hour)


Fully Customized Training Plans made specifically for your ability and fitness level.


Person-to-Person review of progress at the end of each phase and cycle


Constant Feedback via Bird, Email, Zoom/Phone Call or Text Message 


Running Metrics at the completion of each phase.

Custom Training Plans

Custom Training Plans are individualized schedules designed by your coach. These plans are tailored specifically for you, designed to help you reach your goals and stay healthy.

  • Workouts customized to your running background and abilities

  • Individualized training paces for every workout

  • Manage your training on the Bird App

  • Schedules created based on your life priorities





Run Your Goal Race Coaching is proud to partner with other business that work together with us to form a synergistic relationship.  In addition to the custom tailored running coaching, we highly recommend the following business to meet your other needs to make your running experience complete.  


Dick Pond Athletics is the oldest running specialty store in the nation serving Chicagoland with top quality running products at great prices. Since 1969, our running shoe and sports apparel shop has been outfitting runners with shoes, apparel, and accessories

Our goal is to work together with the patient to not only recover, but return them to their sport or activity in a better condition than they came to us in. Dr. Lindsey Wienckowksi and Dr. Brandon Polaskey use a combination of adjustments, manual therapy, and rehabilitation exercises to improve specific movements and strength according to the patient’s needs.


Results that speak for themselves



I asked Jose to help me figure out a plan to go from a half marathon distance to my first 20 mile race in three months.  I wasn’t looking for any increase in speed, I wanted to be able to do the distance confidently.  He had run with me and took the time to learn what I wanted to do, what I could do, and what I thought I couldn’t.
He came up with a plan, mapping out my weekly mileage.  My first thought was “how am I going to be able to do all those miles?”  But I stuck to the plan, and I was running all the miles.  I was impressed with Jose’s knowledge, and my determination.  He knew before I did that I was able to handle that training.  My race was a big success and I was happy with my time.  The following season I had him do the same for my first marathon, which was also a great success



In the spring of 2017, I was discouraged because I had run a half marathon much slower than my typical pace and far above my PR. I had an injury the previous year and never fully bounced back. Jose offered to make me a training plan to not only get back to my PR but break it. I was skeptical, but I followed his plan and that fall I crushed my PR in hot, humid weather. The next spring, Jose paced me to another PR, faster than I’d imagined I could be. The training runs were challenging, but doable. Jose was able to explain the rationale for

each run and how it would improve me as a runner. He was supportive and flexible, adapting the plan as needed due to injury or scheduling issues. I couldn’t be more pleased to have him as a coach. I highly recommend working with him.



I had experimented with a lot of different training plans. I honestly thought I had a pretty good idea of what I needed to do to reach my goals, but over the course of a couple of years, I didn’t see much improvement. I started working with Jose in January and saw changes really quickly. He had me doing workouts that I never would have thought of. In April, I PR’d the 5k and 10k. In May, I PR’d the half marathon. In August, I ran an 8-hour timed ultra and PR’d the marathon and the 50k, all in the same race. The following year, we did a

different type of training together and were successful again. I ran a series of seven 50k races where each person’s five fastest race times were added together. Competing against both men and women, I came away with the overall win. This year, Jose is doing another very different type of training for me as we work toward my first 100-mile race. What I’m trying to say here is that he is a versatile coach. Definitely not one note! He can truly individualize your training plan.

Mary Drew - PR.jpg


When I decided to set a PR and take three minutes off my half marathon time last year, I knew this couldn't happen without a strict training plan customized for me. Jose offered to help me accomplish this. He had me

complete a questionnaire to better understand what my goal was so that he could design a plan that he knew I was capable of doing. I have never done a plan that incorporated speed work (a lot of it), and to be honest,

I was a bit intimidated. He assured me that I could do it and even ran with me during the days that required a lot of effort to get me through. To be able to hit the paces, and the duration the plan had, was so rewarding; something I never thought I could do. It shows how much he understands the person he is designing a plan for. I held the PR I had for 2.5 years and wanted to get a 1:50 since I turned 50 that year. With Jose pacing me, that time became a reality in November 2018, getting a 1:50:43 finish time. He was a great coach and mentor throughout all of my training, something I will always be grateful for. I highly recommend Jose as a coach for any race goal. He will get you there!

Mark Minskey - PR.jpg


I started running again in August 2016, and joined a running club, which really helped with my motivation. After the first summer I was hooked, and in 2017 decided to run longer distances. I've never had a coach for anything before, but I was interested in becoming a better ​runner and wasn't sure where to start. I met Jose through some running friends, and we began discussing how I could improve on my half and full marathon times. Jose was able to provide me with plans to achieve each of my goals. At first the plans seemed daunting, but I quickly came to appreciate the workouts were tailored for me, and I could do them. Jose would also tailor the workouts as needed during the training cycle. Jose is always available to provide feedback and answer any questions along the way. I'm always interested in learning more about running and working with Jose has made that a lot easier to navigate. Since I've started working with Jose, I have improved my half marathon time from 1:56:35 to 1:48:38, and in April 2019 will run my next marathon with a goal of under four hours

(previously 4:40). I look forward to achieving more goals and running with Jose.

Michelle - Running.png


I needed a training plan for my first marathon. As a newbie I obviously was very nervous and not sure what I had gotten myself into. Jose had more confidence in me than I had in myself. He told me I should also train for a sub-2 half marathon. I thought he was absolutely crazy to think that I could not only shave three minutes off my time, but train for both things at once. I truly believed in his ability to make training plans and he obviously believed in me, so I agreed. A total of 38 weeks of training. During those 38 weeks, Jose was always available for questions, comments and always welcomed feedback. If a run needed to be tweaked, then he’d be right on it to adjust. He not only wanted to see success, he wanted to see a boost in confidence.

Marathon day came, and with it, that saying “believe in your training,” I can honestly say I 100% believed in my training and in my coach. I crushed all 26.2 miles feeling confident all the way. Spring the following year was my sub-2 half marathon. Once again feeling confident in my coach and his training plan, I went out

and ran a 1:54:58. Not only did I crush it, I felt strong the whole race. I would recommend Jose to anyone that wants to accomplish their goals or just become a stronger more confident runner. The time and effort he puts into his clients is like no other. I’d highly recommend Jose. I am very lucky to have had him as my running coach. Without his training plans, his continuous support, and push to want to see me succeed, I wouldn’t have crushed such big goals and definitely wouldn’t be as strong and as confident in my running as I am today. Thank you for all you’ve done for me Jose!!

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