What: A virtual team running event where a group of runners get together to collectively run 210 miles together.

When : Friday May 28 through Sunday May 30, 2021

Cost : To see a breakdown of cost, please visit the Pricing Page.


ROAR (Relay of Awesome Runners) is a team event where the entire team (a PRIDE) completes 36 Legs of a course totaling approximately 210 miles.  Each member of the team takes turns running a specified distance before handing off to the next runner.  Depending on how many people are on your team, you repeat this process various times until all the legs are completed.  Learn more about Pride Options.

Each Leg must be run individually.  No overlapping or concurrent legs.  All runs must be recorded by some kind of running app (Garmin, Strava, RunKeeper, Nike+, etc) and shared with the Pride upon completion.  It is encouraged that runs be done continuously with no extended breaks between runners.  Every Pride will have a Pack Leader who is responsible for creating a group communication and ensuring that the order is followed and the next runner is ready.   To view all the Rules and Requirements

You can Register an entire Pride or you an register as a Lone Lion. 

If you have a group of friends that want to do this together, you can register as a team.  Someone will need to be the Pride Leader and coordinate which member will run which legs.  As Leader you can register your team and then add/modify or change members as needed until race day.

If you want to participate but do not have a team and want to be assigned to a random team, you can sign up as a Lone Lion.  Keep in mind that in this option, you have no control over which runner you are, only how many people are on your team.  You can choose to be a captain to assist in the communication and collaboration for the teams.  Once a team is filled, you will be notified by email of who are your teammates and who is your team captain.

Which ever way you choose to participate, the registration process is well documented in the Registration Page

Every participant will receive team SWAG.  Currently we are still in talks with various sponsors to ensure that the SWAG provided will be quality products that will be of use to runners.   Pint Glasses with the Pride Name and each participant etched into the glass will be provided.  In addition to the SWAG, every participant will be eligible to compete for prizes.  For details about how the Prize Competitions work or to see updates regarding SWAG, please come back to the SWAG and Prizes page to see details as they are announced.  



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