Looking for ideas to make the ROAR experience more fun.  Check out these suggestions that have proven to be very successful in the past.  Whether it's how to communicate with your team effectively, creating team bonding experiences or providing runner safety, you will find options below. 

Exchanges and Collaboration

We recommend the use of a collaborative tool for the Relay Exchange.  You had much success with Facebook Messenger, Zoom, GroupMe and MarcoPolo for these types of communication.  Taking screen shots and pictures of your group meetings and creating instant group conversations are easy to perform and promote team bonding.  Since this is a requirement for the exchanges, it is in the best interest of the Pride to choose whatever platform works best for all members.

Pride Photos

Pride Gathering

Knowing that our race is still over four months away, there are chances that some of the social distancing restrictions that are in place today may be loosened by race day so one option for a team would be to gather together as a group in a central location and run from that location.  This would certainly add to the group dynamic and increase the fun levels.  

Check back again often as we plan on expanding this as we develop new ideas and are looking to include a one-stop store to purchase additional Pride SWAG and running essentials.

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