Regsitration Process.png

Step 1: Form Your Pride

1. Decide on a Pride Size.  You can go with 6, 9 or 12 members.  See more about Pride Options.

2. Identify the Pride Leader.

3. Collect required information for each member of the Pride.  You will need to provide this at registration.

     * Full Name

     * Email Address

     * Cell Number

     * Address, City, State and Zip code

     * Expected Pace (use your easy 10K pace as a guide).

4.  Complete the Registration Form

     *  12 Member Pride registration

     *  9 Member Pride registration

     *  6 Member Pride registration

If you are a Lone Lion and want to sign up to be assigned to a Pride, you can use the Individual Registration link.

NOTE:  It is important that you identify who in your Pride is not local to the Pride Leader,  All SWAG bags will be shipped to the Pride Leader,  If you have members who are not local, we have the option to ship the SWAG bag to them for an additional $4.95 shipping,

Step 2: Finalize Pride Roster

The final step can be done anytime before Thursday May 27, 2021 at 11:59pm 

This is the deadline to submitting your final roster.  All members must be assigned to a Runner number, any substitutions or exceptions need to be identified.  Any leg swapping will also need to be identified. Changes to roster can be submitted at any time leading up to the deadline by emailing the Facilitator of Fun, Jose del Risco at  You can use the Roster Forms below for submission.

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