How Does This Work?

Your team will begin at the designated time per your team captain.  This time can vary from 6:00am to Noon on Friday September 18.  The first runner will begin their designated run and run the distance that has been predetermined.  Upon completion of that run, the runner will signal the next runner on the team that they are done and the next runner can begin.  This is repeated until all 36 legs of the race are complete and the 210 miles are done.




Each team creates a Group Chat.  Every runner MUST announce when they are starting and when they are complete.  When they announce they finished a Leg, they MUST show proof of their completed run.  If a runner has completed a run and the next runner does not announce that they have started within 5 min, the team captain or other members of the Pride will try and text you that it is your turn.  If that does not work, a phone call will be made.  Example of group chats are Facebook Messenger, GroupMe, TextMessage, etc.  Facebook Messenger works really well as an instant video call can be initiated for ease of communication. 



Proof of a Run

Keep in mind that every run must be followed up with a message to the group and something showing the distance, duration and a time stamp of the date and time the run started.  This is a REQUIREMENT.  If the application you are using does not have these features, you must use a different one.  Proof can be the results of your Garmin, Apple or Fitbit watch, a running app like Strava, Endomondo, MapMyRun or RunKeeper (all free to download and use) or a picture of your treadmill run with something showing the date and time you started.  Any of these are acceptable forms of proof that you completed your run.  Please keep in mind that the next runner CAN NOT start until the previous runner has posted proof in the group chat.  

To expedite the exchange process, you CAN post a picture of your watch showing you are done so the next person can begin but you MUST follow that up with a post that shows the details of your run.  Examples of what are acceptable for submission can be found to the right.


No concurrent runs or running in advance

This is not just a series of runs that you must accomplish at a certain time.  Each run must be sequential.  The start time of one run CANNOT be before the end time of the previous run. 

Will we be running overnight?

YES.  This is a series of non-stop relays.  When one person is done, the next one starts.  It continues until all 36 legs are done.  There are no breaks.  There will be some overnight runs.  If you are uncomfortable running in the wee hours of the night alone, it is perfectly acceptable to run on a treadmill.  If you do not have a treadmill, work with your team captain to change runners with another person who does not have an overnight run.  

Can I run on a treadmill?

YES.  Treadmill runs are allowed.  The only important thing to note about a treadmill run is that you need to have proof of date and time for the run.  Upon completion of the run on a treadmill, it is suggested that you take a picture of the treadmill screen but make sure you write down the date and time of completion and place the paper in the picture with the treadmill display.

Swapping Runners and Substitutes

Swapping legs to allow flexibility with someone who needs to work or has other engagements or is unable to run at a certain time for any reason is perfectly legal and allow with the exception of Runner 6.  Runner 6 can not exchange any legs with anyone.  You are allowed to have standby runners in the event of injury or other emergencies or you can choose to have someone else in the Pride pick up the slack.

Pride Leaders Meeting

REQUIRED Pride leaders Meeting.  There are 3 date options to choose to attend.  Dates to be announced in the Welcome email for all Pride Leaders.

These are Zoom Meetings and will last only 30 minutes.

Runner Safety

I want to make it clear that I am not asking anyone to do anything that they do not feel is in the best interest of the participant.  This is supposed to be a fun event and exceptions can be made for many things so long as it is communicated. 

* Covid-19. I am in no manner promoting the idea that we do anything that is outside of your governments restrictions.  Do not use this event as an excuse to break social distancing guidelines or promote unsafe activities deemed so by your local government.

* Treadmills.  We are allowing Treadmill runs for any leg regardless of the time of day but especially those who are running overnight hours and do not feel safe running alone during those time or for anyone that struggles with night vision issues. Remember that documenting treadmill miles requires that you date and time stamp the run.

* Weather.  We do not run in unsafe weather conditions.  Rain is not an unsafe weather condition but nearby lightning or tornado warnings are acceptable reasons for delays.  Since we are runners from all parts of the US, you will need to communicate your delay as soon as you experience it in your group chat so that a pause can be put on your teams clock for the delay.