All Participants

Every participant will receive a Can shaped Beer Glass.  The glass will have the race logo on one side and the Pride Name with all members on the other side.   

Runner 6

Every Runner 6 on each Pride will receive a custom belt buckle due to the extra demand of this particular runner. 

We can promise that this will NOT be the only SWAG you receive.  We are working with various sponsors to ensure a worthwhile SWAG bag.

As we finalize other items we will update this page and share with all registered participants.


The Lion King

There will be 3 winners of this award.  

Only one member from each Pride will be eligible.  This is the individual who is assigned Runner 6.  The person who completes all Runner 6 legs in the fastest average pace will win this pullover hoodie.  The fastest average pace from all 12 Member, 9 Member and 6 Member teams will be awarded with this prize.

I'm not Lion

This award will only have one winner but everyone is eligible to win,  This award will go to the individual whose average pace comes closest to the Expected Pace provided at registration.

We continue to work on obtaining items to be given away as awards of some kind and will be updating this page as more fun is invented.

Delivery of SWAG

It is important to note that the names on the beer glass will reflect the final roster submitted by the Pride Leaders on Sept 16, 2020.  Orders for all SWAG items will not be placed until this date so receipt of all SWAG items will not arrive until 3 weeks AFTER the event has been run.  All participants will receive emails after the event informing them of the order status throughout all stages of the process.  

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